Everyone wants to be unique but somehow we end up following the same trends.

Woe is Me

Victimization is an art form that many people have mastered without ever taking a single acting class.

Modern Art

Modern art makes me want to live in the past. Seeing a modern art exhibit where someone has dumped a bunch of junk on a floor is not my idea of art. Photography is not my idea of art either. I like the classics such as Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Monet,etc.

How Much?

The United States purchased the State of Florida for $12 million dollars from the Spaniards. They are slowly taking it back for free.

Salt is Salt

Salt is salt; aka sodium chloride, regardless of where it comes from.

Saintly Politicians

If you want to fix the government then quit trying to elect Saints. Normal people have all done something wrong in their life; when you find someone who hasn’t, they are just plain weird.


Some people think that they have a good memory because they just can’t remember how much they have forgotten.


The Kardashians are not stupid; they just act stupid so that stupid people will watch their show.


Caviar doesn’t impress me but I will eat it to impress other people.


I could not imagine our politicians of today trying to write our Constitution.