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Visionary, Business Mogul, Philanthropist 

Carl Sconnely is an American visionary, business mogul, philanthropist, and the founder and CEO of Quartile 3 Robotics, a robotics and artificial intelligence technology company. As an entrepreneur and early adopter of technology, he has helped businesses succeed for more than 40 years by creating new software that changes the way businesses work.


Carl Sconnely attended the University of Florida but left after his sophomore year to study computer programming in 1980. As a born-to-be entrepreneur with paper routes and lawn mowing services starting at the age of 10, Sconnely is now on to his fourth official technology startup with over 40 years of experience in the industry. He entered the software industry in 1981 during the early days of the personal computer revolution. With such high demand, it wasn’t long before he started his first software company. Sconnely says, “It was a great time, everyone was buying a computer and needed it programmed. There wasn’t any off-the-shelf software. It was a great business education for a 22-year kid who had to learn the processes of so many different companies in order to write the software for them.” Sconnely, has created software for a variety of businesses, including horticultural greenhouse management, car dealerships, chemical companies, dairy factories, manufacturing companies, newspaper media publishing, and restaurants/hotels, gaining valuable experience in software development at a very young age.

Sconnely has had the opportunity to work with prestigious companies such as General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Daimler Corporation, Bank of the West, and Damp Rid manufacturing. In 1994, his company was a beta tester for Microsoft’s Windows 95®; he quickly saw the potential of a graphical operating system and began developing ERP systems based on Microsofts’ Windows® products. Sconnely had his third company exit in 2018 and shortly thereafter, created his fourth startup.[2]

Seeing robotics and AI as the new frontier, as was the early 1980s PC revolution, he founded Quartile III Robotics (Q3 Robotics) with the vision of providing economical Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solutions for a variety of traditionally manual labor tasks in retail and commercial applications. The company’s flagship product, Xina AI, was born out of the frustration of Sconnely trying to order breakfast on a kiosk; Xina allows customers to speak their order instead of drilling down through menus, clearing popup advertising, and just getting lost in the menu.

Extra Curricular

Carl Sconnely is a well-known business professional known for his acumen in the tech field. In his free time, he indulges in a variety of activities, such as club tennis, backwoods snowboarding and skiing, and extreme mountain biking. He is also an avid fan of auto racing and participates in track driving and high-speed driving on winding European mountain roads.

He also enjoys traveling the world, and sampling Michelin-starred cuisine and fine wines. Never stopping, Sconnely is always seeking new experiences and opportunities to push the boundaries of his personal and professional life.


Carl Sconnely is the Vice President and Financial Benefactor for the Foundation Oasis of Hope, a non-profit charity founded in 1999. The organization aims to address abject poverty by alleviating the suffering caused by social deprivation among the poorest children in Colombia. The charity focuses on providing for the total physical well-being of children through feeding programs, regular health check-ups, and educational provisions, allowing them to stay in their home environments instead of being forced onto the streets. The Foundation currently operates seven feeding projects, a child sponsorship program, numerous health initiatives, and educational programs.