More About Carl

Visionary, Business Mogul, Philanthropist 

CEO and President of Quartile 3 Robotics., Vice President of Colombia Childcare USA, and Owner of US Jet Sales and Leasing.

For over 35 years as an entrepreneur and an early adopter of technology, Carl has driven success by pioneering innovative software solutions that revolutionize business operations.  


In the early days of the technology frontier, Carl had the rare opportunity of developing software that changed the world. He was contracted by Ford Motor Company to develop an interface link from its MS-DOS application to their new communications satellite known as Ford Star. His company was sought out by Microsoft as a premier beta test company for their revolutionary Windows product, Windows 95, and released the second generation of his DMS software product in conjunction with the initial release of Windows. General Motors chose to partner with his company for their China operations while the Daimler Corporation selected his software for their North America operations. 


Although Carl is best known for his business acumen, his interests have always varied. He is an enthusiastic club tennis player, backwoods snowboarder and adventuresome jet-skier who relishes jumping large, rolling ocean waves. He enjoys auto racing in many forms, from driving his Ferrari 458 Spider on the track to high-speed driving on winding European roads with the Porsche and Audi driving clubs. He has a Citation 550 Jet but is not yet rated to fly it as he only holds a single-engine pilot’s license.  


When Carl is not pushing his personal and business boundaries, he enjoys exotic travel worldwide savoring molecular dining and fine wines. He is a Level 2 Sommelier with an appreciation for Old World Wines and a member of Lagroce Country Club and SoHo Beach House.