Category: Perspectives

Smarter than the Boss

To be successful in business, you need to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. If you’re the smartest person in the room then fire your HR department. 


Women are not high maintenance – they are just highly decisive. 


TSA charges you a fee to investigate you and assign you a precheck clearance number when they already know everything about you via NSA’s data collection process.  Everyone should have a precheck number unless you have failed their investigation process – just another way for our government to get money out of law-abiding citizens.

In a Dog’s Eyes

If my dog could tell me what he’s really thinking would I still love him?

Forgiving Goldilocks

An arrest warrant should be issued for Goldilocks; she committed unlawful entry, home invasion, theft, and vandalism. I wouldn’t be as forgiving as the three bears.


Never worry about your mistakes, just figure out how to fix it and make sure it never happens again. If it happens again, then you are probably the problem.

Golf and the Devil

Satan invented Golf to torture mankind. As you hit the ball in every direction but towards the hole and you’re ready to throw your clubs in the lake, he lets you hit the perfect shot giving you false hope that you can do this.

Money Doesn’t Change You

Excluding lottery winners and windfall inheritance beneficiaries, money doesn’t change you. If you’ve worked hard throughout your life and gradually increased in wealth, your adjustments to that wealth will be gradual and most likely unnoticeable. However, you will find that your wealth has changed the way people treat you; especially for those furthest beneath your…
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Bitcoin vs the Ol’ Boys Club

JP Morgan bank announced its version of a blockchain currency and stated that Bitcoin is a fraud. Their coin’s value is tied to the US dollar and thus every JPM Coin converts to one U.S. dollar. In my opinion, JP Morgan feels that tying their coin to the US dollar legitimizes it; however, I see…
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Junk Mail

With all the talk about saving the planet why do we receive so much junk mail?  What if we all just wrote RTS (return to sender) on the envelope and put it into the outbox; would the advertisers sending all of this paper get the message?