Category: Perspectives

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence and How Humans Perceive It

Artificial Intelligence, in its basic sense, is the ability of a machine to interpret data, objects, or other stimulus and then make a decision based on that information.  AI has been all around us for years; but because humans perceive intelligence in a comparative way, we discredit the intelligence of machines doing redundant tasks.   For…
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Junk Mail

With all the talk about saving the planet why do we receive so much junk mail?  What if we all just wrote RTS (return to sender) on the envelope and put it into the outbox; would the advertisers sending all of this paper get the message?


Why are there brown M&Ms did someone in production screw up?  There are nice bright reds, greens, yellows, and even blues… and then comes brown. Was this a production error and Mars Candy just kept it or was someone in marketing color blind?

The Oscars

There should be 1 additional Oscar handed out to the most dramatic performance when receiving an Oscar.


Attention deficit people are successful because concentrating too much on one thing is a waste of time. Success comes from the ability to manage multiple aspects of a task. Too much focus in one area causes tunnel vision.


Everyone wants to be unique but somehow we end up following the same trends.

Woe is Me

Victimization is an art form that many people have mastered without ever taking a single acting class.

Modern Art

Modern art makes me want to live in the past. Seeing a modern art exhibit where someone has dumped a bunch of junk on a floor is not my idea of art. Photography is not my idea of art either. I like the classics such as Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Monet,etc.

How Much?

The United States purchased the State of Florida for $12 million dollars from the Spaniards. They are slowly taking it back for free.

Salt is Salt

Salt is salt; aka sodium chloride, regardless of where it comes from.