Make a Big Impact with Video Marketing

Make a Big Impact with Video Marketing

Online videos are an ever-present form of online marketing and are becoming increasingly vital to brand awareness. The best part is they can be produced for pennies on the dollar. Buy a good camera once, hire a part-time film student or use a tech-savvy employee and voila – online marketing goldmine! Unfortunately though, many business marketing plans are still far behind in figuring out how to integrate videos into their marketing plan. Here are a few great ways to use small videos for a big impact online:

1) Educate. Humans are curious beings. We like to learn things. Educational videos are a fantastic way to position yourself as an expert in the industry – and your customers will appreciate working with someone who knows their stuff. There are two types of educational videos: First, the ‘directional.’ This is a step-by-step explanation of how to do something and can range anywhere from 2-15 minutes long. If you are just starting a video library, focus on easy tasks and common operational questions, which can be produced quickly by less-knowledgeable employees. When performing more difficult technical videos, make sure your educator is an expert – if you just have a pretty face on the camera and a customer meets your star in person, they’ll be expecting to talk to a professional and may ask detailed questions that your “expert” can’t answer. For directionals, give them the real deal on camera and avoid embarrassment later.

2) The second kind of educational video is called a ‘quick tip,’ and can be produced by just about anyone. These two minute or less videos can be posted daily and might include novel ideas, tips, or may highlight a little-known but useful feature. Content is an incredibly important part of boosting your online image, and these easy videos are a great way to spread your name across the web and drastically increase your business marketing success.

Remember that building an educational video library on your site not only advertises your expertise, but it also proves your commitment to your customers. They will appreciate the free education and will make your website their first stop for questions – and eventually, their first stop for making a purchase!

3) Showcase. If pictures speak a thousand words, then videos must speak about a million. These days consumers spend hours researching exactly what they are looking for, and when it comes to shopping, people like videos. Unlike pictures which can be limiting or misleading, a video provides an overall feel for the experience of the product. Customers can watch a model come to life, as the features of the product are explored.

You could have any employee do your showcase videos, but if you have a long-time knowledgeable sales manager with a great camera disposition, it can be beneficial for your brand to have one familiar person do the product demonstrations.  Your on-screen tour guide should be able to point out and demonstrate some of the key features, while allowing the camera to also provide a full view of the product and how it works.

These videos are usually about 2-5 minutes long. People have short attention spans, so make sure your tour guide speaks clearly, hits the biggest & boldest features first, and doesn’t block the view. Customers should be seeing and/or learning something new every few seconds or they will move on to another video. Remember that a two minute video hits the sweet spot. Keeping a viewer engaged after that can be increasingly tough, so always get your major selling points in first to ensure they stick.

Keep in mind, these videos are certainly important for your sales process, but they also benefit your overall business marketing appeal. Showcase videos contribute to your online marketing and will help increase your search engine rankings too.

4) Reach Out. Do you do work in your local community? Do you sponsor or attend community events? If the answer is yes, good for you! Community outreach is a great way to spread your brand and make it look good too. Of course, the benefits don’t have to stop after an event is finished. Hire a professional film crew to come in and do a little piece on your involvement. Interview non-employee participants on your involvement to gain unbiased praise. Post it on your website to show all of your customers how your business gives back to the community. Knowing they are dealing with a caring, reputable company can make a big difference in how consumers perceive you.

News outlets are always looking for positive community-building stories too. Contact some of your local stations and provide them with your video – you just might find your company on the 6 o’clock news for free.

5) Connect. You employ great people and your customers should know that. Give them a chance to connect with some cute video shorts featuring your staff. Offer your staff a few questions to choose from, such as… What do they love about the products? What are their favorite features? What do they love about your company?

Have your employees introduce themselves on camera and then have them answer one of the questions. Just as community service can change consumers’ perception of your business, so can showcasing your staff. With videos like these, you are able to show your customers that your company is knowledgeable, fun, and down-to-earth. In essence, viewers are given the opportunity to connect with your staff on a person-to-person level. This is a great tool, as it provides an emotional connection to your dealership for consumers.

On all videos, make sure to put your business logo and information on all of the posted videos. Also, videos should never be shaky. Hire a professional or even just a film student who has the tools necessary to ensure a quality production. You wouldn’t put a messy advertisement on a billboard, and the same idea applies here. Quality will speak to your brand – make sure it’s good!

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