Colombia Child Care is Focused on Helping the Poorest Children

Colombia Child Care is Focused on Helping the Poorest Children

The Colombia Child Care organization is focused on helping the poorest children in the region and continues its efforts as it faces new challenges each day.

In Colombia, there is a concentration of multiple groups with conflicting positions and a lack of a non-violent solution. This creates a vacuum for a normal quality of life for the majority of the people living there. In the United States of America, people fall into three classes; there are the upper, middle, and lower classes. The upper and lower classes account for a very low percentage as most people have a middle class standard of living. In a third world country, such as Colombia, you have only two classes – very rich, and very poor. There is little middle ground; you’re either enjoying all the luxuries that money can buy or you are on the street begging for food.

Because of the violence in Colombia, many children have become fatherless through war or have been abandoned due to economics.

We are all called to be a voice to the voiceless; these children don’t have the advocates they need to stand up on their behalf and to secure basic life necessities, such as food, education, and medical care. This is what we do. Our work is all about providing the practical but also the spiritual well being.

We want these precious children to grow up in the knowledge of God’s love and that there are good people who care about them. We cannot just bless them and send them on their way with rumbling stomachs, broken and lost, only to be rewarded with food and shelter by drug lords, terrorists, and other radical groups for doing their dirty work.

Twenty five dollars a month is more than enough to provide a poor child in Colombia with an education, regular meals, and medical care. Please help us help these children and pray for the protection of our staff and children in Colombia as we have seen a huge escalation of violence in the last few months.

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