Office Meeting Expense Request

Office Meeting Expense Request

It amazes me that in most companies you have to put in a purchase request to spend any money at all; yet people in the company can call a meeting with total disregard to the expense of the meeting. If the average hourly wage of someone going into an office meeting is $25 (low end rate for management personnel) and ten people are in the meeting for an hour, the company just incurred an expense of $250, with out having to put in a PO.

On the revenue side of this meeting, most employee times are billed to a customer at $100 or more per hour. You have lost $1000 plus the expense and your bottom line is now showing $1,250 of red ink.

Most people don’t need to be in the meeting, they just need an email recap of the results. And I always enforce a policy of having an agenda sent out before hand, giving people time to collect their thoughts before entering the meeting.

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